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Unified Point of Sale

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Addlestone Retail Guard™ platform is a feature of our surveillance platform and integrates with most registers and point of sale software to display real time transactions on the register camera screen. The transaction is also texturally recorded into a searchable database. This mean if a customer has a comes to you at some point with a question about a transaction all you have to do is collect some information from them, enter a few search terms into the database and our platform will instantly bring the video events associated with those transactions for you to quickly review. Improve employee training and eliminate sweetheart deals, you can search terms such as “discount” and every transaction where “discount” was applied you can review the video so see if the discount was appropriate. Call today or click below to have one of our retail specialists come to your store for an evaluation.

3D People Counting

The latest technology is for counting people is 3d counting. This technology was pioneered by the innovations from Asus and Microsoft used in the X-BOX for tracking game players. The technology is now available to you to count people entering and exiting your store. You can download charts and reports to discover the closure rates your store has.

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