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Security teams’ at large public venues have unique challenges. One such case is Longwood gardens. Longwood gardens had several vendors install several different isolated systems around their 1000 acre campus. The problem was that the security director had to log into many different systems to view the all of the cameras. Addlestone installed our Uni-Fi™ platform and Command Center™ platform. We were able to integrate their legacy analog cameras, install several new Digital IP cameras as well as integrate existing third party IP digital cameras for them.

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Placed Object Analytic

In loading zones and other gathering areas where a bag may be placed and go undetected, our placed object analytics can be very useful. We will consult with you and program the system with an amount of time you feel is ok for an object to remain unattended. Our Placed object Analytic will “look” at the current scene and remember what it should look like. Once an object is placed into the scene, I.E. someone places a bag and leaves it. The system counts down that time you previously set up, say 10 minutes and then it will set off an audible alarm and encircle the object with a flashing red box on the screen to bring that object to the attention of the on guard security personnel. When the object is removed then the alarm will stop.


Public venue security teams can manage massive areas with our Uni-Fi™ platform with ease. Opening gates monitoring cameras, verifying ID of visitors, opening doors and recording license plates. Call today for your security evaluation and see how we can help you.

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