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Property managers have a lot of security issues and those issues will vary depending on location and type of property that need protection. Addlestone has been providing property managers with security solutions for 15 years. Let's take Greenville crossing for example. Greenville crossing is located in Greenville Delaware close to Wilmington. It is without a doubt the most successful shopping center in Greenville. Originally a much smaller shopping center, it was built in the late 60s early 70s, and it has since more than doubled in size and has become very successful. When we approached Greenville Crossing the property manager was very open to our security suggestions and began implementing our security camera plan. Within a year arrests were being made and crime was drastically reduced, even nuisance issues from local kids had been reduced through positive identification due to the high quality hi-resolution images that Addlestone security cameras produce. Management has had a much easier time overall managing the property.

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Cost Recovery

Addlestone surveillance systems can be used for much more than just crime for property managers. Our security systems installation cost is often quickly recovered when used for management damage recovery issues such as delivery trucks cracking curbs or damages to buildings, damages to the parking lot seal coating from careless contractors, people coming in on the weekends and stealing your trash services by filling your dumpsters with their cardboard boxes and old mattresses and other damages that would otherwise have to be paid out by management. Our camera systems are also excellent for discovering vendors that are charging you for services they don't perform. Such as cleaning services that cut out early, or landscaping services that were not performed.


Property managers with multiple properties have even taken advantage of our Uni-if ™ technology. Where one property manager is given the responsibility of managing several properties, even properties multiple states away thereby reducing the need to pay salary for multiple property managers at each location. We installed our Command Center™ at their main office and they can view every aspect of their properties through our camera system multiple states away.

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We are invested in your success. We want you to become successful, because when you succeed so do we. A beautiful, safe clean retail property attracts more customers who want to rent property from you and more customers who want to spend money in the stores on your property.

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