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Parking facilities are the third most frequent place in which violent crime happens, with nearly 1,400 attacks occurring each day. Garage managers must take counter measures to prevent crimes against people, theft of personal property and prevent vehicular damage. Customers who have incidents, or hear about them, tend to think twice about where they park and shop. with the prevalence of social media sites today such as yelp and trip advisor, people are savvy and will look into where the safer better places are to go.

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Using Addlestone security solutions can secure your parking facility and making it a safer place for your customers to come and shop. With an Addlestone surveillance camera system you're on duty CSO can live monitor and record up to 32 cameras in your parking facility. Upon seeing suspicious activity in the garage he can dispatch security personnel to investigate. A safer parking facility will attract more customers and generate more revenue.
A mixed use garage we started servicing on the Wilmington riverfront had a vendor before us that had terrible cameras and unreliable gates, the result was spending more money on service calls and unhappy customers who parked elsewhere. Since we installed our surveillance camera system, access controls, and barrier gates, for them, their profits have more than doubled paying for the entire system within two months.

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By adding our barrier gates, access controls and License plate recognition technology, your facility can become more profitable by eliminating double badging and piggy backing where one person who has permission to park one vehicle in the garage lets a friend in to park stealing your parking fees.

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Our Uni-fi™ technology has the ability to tie all of these technologies together and gives you the power to remotely administer the parking facility as well.

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