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Applied Card Bank

Addlestone is awarded the contract to move and upgrade the perimeter security guard station for Applied Card Bank corporate headquarters in Glen Mills, PA. The project involved deactivating the current guard station that was in use. Then lifting the existing guard shack off of its foundation and moving the guard shack down the new road about 1,500 feet. We installed three new commercial barrier arm gates and new HD security cameras. We then extended their existing fiber network, phone system, and access control system to the new location. We connected the new cameras with their command center and set up remote access commands for the new gates and access control system. 
We saved the bank money by reusing the existing guard shack that was pretty old, but was still in decent shape for its age.

Applied card guard shack 2
Applied card guard shack  1

Addlestone becomes Delaware's first FLIR dealer

Addlestone has joined forces with FLIR the world leader in thermal imaging technology, to integrate their thermal technology with our surveillance platforms. The integration will provide enhanced thermal image capabilities for users of our surveillance platforms. This agreement is a great opportunity for both companies to extend the reach of our now integrated technologies, and the real winners are the users who realize the advantages of an overall enhanced surveillance platform for better situational awareness.

FLIR was established in 1978 to pioneer the development of high-performance, low-cost infrared (thermal) imaging systems for airborne applications. Thermal imaging systems detect the infrared energy (heat) that is admitted by all people, objects and materials. Infrared cameras allow the operator to see in total darkness, adverse weather and through such air pollutants as smoke and haze.

Call us today to see how this technology can help make your job easier.

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U.S. Secret Service Really Likes Addlestone Products.

The Beau Biden Foundation recently held a fundraising event at the location of one of our customers. The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden was scheduled to make an appearance. The secret service busy was making all the necessary preparations for his arrival. One of the perpetrations was to make sure the Security Camera System was “secured”. I met with Secret Service Agent Chuck Bloodworth to discuss Our Surveillance Camera System with him. After seeing our system, agent Bloodworth told me that they usually put black bags over the cameras, but that he would make an exception for us in this case. He said “I have seen a lot of systems before and I mean a lot, cisco milestone etc.., but this system is the best I have ever seen. It is amazing, you can really be proud of your camera system." It is always nice to receive positive reinforcement that you are on the right path. Our mission is to bring the highest quality cutting edge security equipment to market. Security Professionals like Chuck who are in the business of using security cameras every day understand the value of the quality we are producing. Thank you Chuck!

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