License Plate Recognition Platform

Our Automatic License plate Embedded Recognition Technology (ALERT™) platform automates the reading of license plates to make making a searchable database of license plate numbers to quickly identify plates of interest for commercial applications, law enforcement, and commercial security.

camera license plate
For Property Security
property security

For property managers: Have you found that it is difficult for law enforcement to make an arrest after an incident on your property? Our ALERT™ platform can help law enforcement to make a quick arrest after an incident on your property by giving them the details about the perpetrators name and address. Alerts can also be set for known plate numbers that are of interest.

Parking Enforcment
parking enforcment

For parking garage managers who charge rent for parking spaces, our ALERT™ system can read license plates and grant or deny access based on the license plate of a car which is tied to the ID of a person and our anti-piggybacking technology keeps them from letting in their friend. Once their car enters the garage it must leave again before it is allowed back in again, all the while video is also being recorded of every action for a quick review. You can enter plate #123456 and all entrance and exit activity of that vehicle is there for you to see.

Traffic Monitoring
Traffic monitoring

Law enforcement can use out ALERT™ system for notification of plates that are stolen, or locating persons of interest. Just put the license plate in the appropriate list and the system will alert you and place a flag in google maps as to the last seen time and place of that vehicle.

What makes a license plate camera special?

Humans can’t see in the dark so we use lights to aid. We use headlights and tail lights on cars to make them highly visible to us, but those same lights will blind a regular camera making it impossible for the camera to record the license plate at night. A regular surveillance camera will not work for reading license plates in the dark, but License plate cameras have the ability to filter out light that is visible to humans. It then emits an infrared wavelength of light that the camera can see. The IR light then bounces off the reflective license plate and produces an image of the plate on the camera.

License plate camera
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