Addlestone Fiber Installation and Repair


As the need for greater network bandwidth and distance continues to increase, the use of fiber is becoming more prevalent in every day networks. What was the long haul solution is now being used for large retail store network and school campuses because of fibers great capacity for bandwidth and ability to transmit data over long distances.

Not all installers are trained in the installation of fiber. Fiber is very small and VERY fragile. Fiber is made of glass and must be handled with great care. Improperly installed fiber can crack the glass making it useless.


Addlestone fiber techs are constantly trained on the newest technologies as well as recurrent training and evaluations. You can trust that a fiber network installed by Addlestone will provide many years of maintenance free operation.

Addlestone uses only the best technology to splice fiber and attach ends. We use a fusion splicer that actually arc welds the glass ends together with an arc of electricity making a continuous un-interrupted run of glass. This technique gives you the best possible result, a super reliable network, because you have better things to do then worry about your network.

Maybe you are just looking for some answers, then our design and consultation service might just be the right thing you need to help your company succeed. One of our experienced network engineers will work with you to design a network that is adapted for your unique environment. We will walk you through each phase of the design, construction and implementation.

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