Commercial Gates

Our innovative electromechanically parking barrier arm operator provides continuous duty with UPS battery backup for power loss scenarios. It meets high cycle, high reliability and low maintenance demand of the parking, residential, commercial and industrial automatic gate operator requirements.

Intelligent charging system monitors battery conditions to maximize battery life.
Dynamic reversing feature greatly reduces the possibility of injury or vehicle damage.
Configure gate operation to exact user needs with the sophisticated and easy-to-use Smart DC Controller and Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.).
Optional relays provide eight additional relay output terminals. Each relay can be configured to perform a specific function, including revenue control options.
The advanced breakaway arm mount is standard equipment for all of our barrier operators. If a vehicle hits a straight arm, the nylon bolts in the mount break allowing the arm to swing out of the way, lessening damage to the vehicle and operator.

commercial gate
Uni-fi™ Options

Virtual Guard Shack™ allows you to see and speak to someone sitting at the gate and then grant them access (or not).

License Access grants access to barrier gates based on license plate recognition.

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