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When you are looking for a camera system the first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “What am I trying to achieve?” Choosing the right cameras and camera system to achieve your goals can be confusing, expensive and even disappointing when you find that your investment isn’t working out as well as the salesman said it would. Here at Addlestone, Inc. this situation would NEVER happen to you. We assist you every step of the way. We supply you with the current security camera technologies, design CAD plans, and provide you with a turn-key installation. We will show you samples of our video quality and have you login to our live demo system to play with our intuitive interface.

Thanks to the scalability of the Addlestone Uni-Fi™ platform you can easily integrate legacy analog and IP cameras into the same platform for a comprehensive hybrid solution including third-party IP devices. Our Uni-Fi™ platform is a versatile video management solution. It answers the need for a transition from legacy analog infrastructure towards a pure IP surveillance environment. Our Uni-Fi™ platform comes with a rich panel of features to streamline surveillance operations and enhance management capabilities. Remote surveillance is implemented via 3GPP, IE browser and secure apps.
For the purpose of central monitoring, the Command Center™ platform offers an extensible solution for multi-site surveillance and control to manage numerous cameras from different Uni-Fi™ sites.

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Click on the video to see the quality of our surveillance systems. One major difference between the competition and us is that our images more clear and smooth due to a higher frame rate, so you get a high-quality crystal-clear video. 


Our License plate camera will catch the important details, day or night, at speeds up to140 MPH.  When used in conjunction with an overview camera you will have the best possible description of the vehicle


Our PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras are a powerful professional tool. 

Video Analytics

• Object Counting
• People Counting
• Intrusion Alarm
• Alarms on objects that pass between pre-defined regions
• Face Detection
• Privacy Mask
• Unattended and Missing Object Detection
• Scene Change Detection
• Advanced Scene Change Detection
• Advanced Unattended Object Detection
• Advanced Missing Object Detection
• Advanced Motion Detection
• Panorama View
• Video Stabilization
• Defog Function
• Crowd Detection
• Object tracking and zooming by PTZ domes
• Object tracking in fisheye view
• Single PTZ Tracking
• Digital Object Tracking
• Face Count
• Camera Popup

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Face Detection
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