Structured Cabling and Network Infrastructure 

Bad wiring job

A poorly designed and installed network infrastructure will cost you a lot more than down time. Non-professional network infrastructure designs and installs are costly in the amount of time a tech needs to spend working through the tangled mess of wires to find the problem. The mess of wires hinders cooling to the equipment and uses more electricity and wears out the equipment faster. Not to mention all the time people are sitting around the office not being productive.

You need a reliable cost effective network infrastructure with the ability to expand with your future IT needs. The Experienced team at Addlestone has been providing large and small customers with that service for over 15 years. We can assess your IT needs and deploy professional a solution that will serve you well now and into the future.

switch rack
switch up close

Maybe you are just looking for some answers, then our design and consultation service might just be the right thing you need to help your company succeed. One of our experienced network engineers will work with you to design a network that is adapted for your unique environment. We will walk you through each phase of the design, construction and implementation.

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