Addlestone Access Controls

The Addlestone Access control platform is a highly scalable and flexible professional solution. Our access control system will help transform your access control program from legacy 1970s technology to the 21st century. Our platform has the ability to integrate with most legacy Wigand readers with the added benefit of multi credential accounts. With multi credential accounts you can transform your access control system slowly over time by entering other forms of identification, Wigand cards, fingerprint and even license plates. The system can utilize the existing legacy wiring and also use future proof CAT6 cabling. The control panels can be deployed in two form factors rack mounted or wall mounted.

As with all of our Uni-fi™ systems, Access Control Platform is scalable and Flexible.
access controls

• 1-to-4000 doors
• 1 to 100,000 access cards
• 1-1000 system users
• 1-10,000 access groups,
• Up to 256 time zones and weekly schedules.
• 14 Month Holiday Planning

Main Features
access controls

• Traditional card Access. compatible with most readers and cards.
• Required two card access / two users for secure areas
• Fingerprint Recognition Access.
• Lockdown Mode
• Batch card enrolling to save time.
• Customizable user record fields, employee number, parking # or apt #. Whatever you like
• Alarm conditions: door held open, door forced entry, tamper access denied, duress, fire alarm.
• Multiple credentials per user. for transitioning from one modality to the future.
• Full access audit trail.
• Remote web browser access.
• Mobile device access.

Optional Features

Guard Patrol- use reader locations for guard patrols.  Schdule places and times your guards should be. Get notified by email or sms if they don't make their rounds.

Time & Attendance functions- payroll calculation,  Attendance and payroll search. flexible workforce scheduling. 

License Plate Recognition- Customizable license plate lists.  Stolen, VIP, Employee, Terminated Employee. what ever you need.  use licence plate recognition to open gates or be alerted when one of the vehicles enters your property. See license plate page for more information. 

Web Access Options

Visitor Management
• Web interface for creating visitor database and granting access
• Visitor record search
• Visitor self registration

Access Supervisor:
• Monitor unlimited Uni-fi Access platforms over the internet
• Remote door monitoring, video playback, door operation

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